7 Writing Challenges You Shouldn’t Waste Time Thinking About — Your Friendly Malaysian Writer

Writing is a tough enough gig without you muddling it with your doubts and worries. But that doesn’t stop the occasional writing challenges from presenting themselves. Some of these challenges could pose very real problems for your writing journey, but some others are harmful only if you spend too much time worrying about them. Today, […]

7 Writing Challenges You Shouldn’t Waste Time Thinking About — Your Friendly Malaysian Writer

Published by Comfort

Comfort F. Ogunfalu is a Christian, Author, Creative writer, Certified Copywriter, Podcaster, Public Speaker, and Actor currently living in Nigeria. She has unwavering passion for writing, speaking, acting, reading, and photography. A psychologist (in view) who focus on how to help build interpersonal relationships and aid in personal development of people. She gives attention to the emotive, affective and cognitive aspect of human behavior. Through this, she deals better with new friends, new environment and new experience in my work field. She have been actively writing and speaking since 2018. She published her first book on the 3rd of October, 2021; A memoir titled, Behind The Veil. She has basic knowledge in Audio mixing and graphic designing which she use for her YouTube channel, Podcast channel and blogs. Above all, she's a devoted Christian who cherish Christian relationships, bible study and prayer time. In advance, cheers to a profitable, valuable and indispensable friendship years with her in the nearest future. Check out her podcast channel for more of her work: https://open.spotify.com/show/5KiwRksfbyZPzjgpTEObP0

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